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Educational BoosterPack MKII Demo

Adrian Fernandez from Texas Instruments has posted a demo video for the new Educational Boosterpack a.k.a Educational BoosterPack MKII.


In this video the he uses a combination of an Educational BoosterPack MKII, two MSP430 LaunchPads, two SubGHz RF BoosterPacks, and a Rechargeable Lithium Polymer BoosterPack to control a HexBug.

The Educational BoosterPack MKII is the next-gen educational add-on board (BoosterPack) for Texas Instruments' LaunchPad lines and is compatible with the BoosterPack standard pinout, which means it can be used with different LaunchPads. The production version of this BoosterPack will be released later this year. The original Educational BoosterPack came out last year and is being sold on BoardZoo along with other BoosterPacks.

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